Members of Parham Parish Council

Tim Hayward (Chair), Springhead House, Amberley Road, Parham RH20 4HN.  Telephone: 01903 740876                Email:                                                                  Click for Register of Interests

Heather Cartwright (Vice Chair), Springhead House Annex, Amberley Road, Parham RH20 4HN.                        Telephone 01903 742301   Email:          Click for Register of Interests

Paul Slimming, Minden, 3 Rackham House, Rackham Road, Rackham RH20 2EU.   Telephone: 01903 742494           Email:                                                                       Click for Register of Interests

Will Rydon, Manor Farm, Greatham Lane, Greatham, Pulborough.  Telephone: 01798 872167                                    Email:                                                                                Click for Register of Interests

Catherine Dugdale, Sparright Farm, Rackham Street, Rackham RH20 2EX.  Telephone: 01798 872132                     Email:                                                 Click for Register of Interests

Claudia Fisher, 2 Wayside Cottages, Greatham Lane, Greatham RH20 2E.

All Councillors are members of the Planning Committee

There is one Councillor vacancy

For any queries please contact the Clerk to the Council:

Vicky Spiers

20 Pines Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 9JQ


Tel: 01903 208943

I work 5 hours a week.

Horsham District Councillors (Chantry Ward)

Jim Sanson                  01903 744658                                                                           

Ray Dawe                    01903 741671                

West Sussex County Councillor (Storrington Ward)

Paul Marshall              07920 826185                

Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs

Nick Herbert               020 7219 4080